Worried about Posing for your Wedding Photos?

Updated: Jan 25, 2020

One of the most voiced concerns from engaged couples or soon to be married couples always relates to posing. Posing is one of the most important aspects of great photography. Assuming that all pros have basic photography skills, couples rely on our posing skills for great results. Posing is adapted to the individuals at the time of the photoshoot. To me, posing portrays the chemistry between individuals being photographed. During a photo-shoot, we constantly study the physical differences in the couples and adapt our posing based on that as well as their chemistry and the environment. of my expertise when it comes to wedding photography 

The photo below shows natural chemistry in an engagement shoot for Sam & Julia after a surprise engagement. The body chemistry, in this case, was the only thing used but in some other cases, posing and coaching is necessary. This is the most exciting part of engagements, photographing after the surprise. The excitement in the couple is priceless and makes the photo session natural and exciting to the photographer 

In this is a photo of Sam & Julia the body chemistry was the only aspect used needed

Chemistry is what makes your photos unique and that is one of my greatest strengths in posing.  The ability to coach couples to use their simple intimate but casual public interactions to bring out their top model qualities.

Couples with great chemistry and who are in-love couple may not necessarily pose for super artistic photos. This is where professional photographers with great posing skills like myself come in. I have this posing guide to share in this pose that will help you prepare for your engagement shoot as well as your wedding portraits.

For our posing guide, please visit our website using the link below.

CLICK HERE for more tips on posing.

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