One of the greatest photos that most couples will look back to is their engagement photos. These photos come handy at almost every stage in a couple’s life. Engagement photos are useful for all sorts of reasons, from the practical to the sentimental. They are widely used in wedding communications, such as your wedding website and save the dates; you can use the experience to get comfortable with your wedding photographer and practice posing together in front of the camera; or you could simply frame your favorite shot to rest on your mantle for years to come to establish how far the two of you have come. It is entirely up to the couple to decide whether an engagement session is needed or not but it highly recommended. 

Fashion is a statement of choice. You can dial it up as high as you want or can tone it down as low as you want. The main point is being you! Let the real you shine through your pictures. Let my shutter capture the best in and around you. I will give you a few pointers that can help capture the love and ambience that surrounds something as exciting as an engagement photoshoot.

Since engagement photos have so many potential uses, think carefully about how you and your partner will like to show up for the shoot. There are a lot of things to consider when selecting your engagement photo outfits, especially since the options are quite endless. You may want to chose between light or dark color, bold prints or classic solids, casual, dressy, or themed. How you pick your outfits that you’ll love now and forever depends entirely on you. Below are potential items to consider prior to the shoot. Select Clothes That Reflect Your Personality

Engagement shoots normal are supposed to portray the lifestyle and personalities of the couples. Some people may want to portray a unique outfit that does not reflect their lifestyle. There is a mistake in doing so since this does not show your true personality that is known nor your partner’s personalities and your relationship as a couple. So, if you are the type of person that is always casual on a typical Saturday watching games or working out in sportswear and not normally engage in cocktail outings, then don’t dress up in cocktail attire just for an engagement shoot. When you embrace who you are as a couple, photos turn out so much better because you are comfortable, relaxed, and letting your unique selves shine.

Dress Comfortably

This tip is twofold. Yes, we do mean that you should select clothing that is literally comfortable to wear, but we also mean that you should choose outfits that make you feel your best as well as considering the season of the year.

Nothing creates awkwardness in front of the camera like feeling self-conscious, so be sure that whatever you end up wearing gives you confidence and makes you look and feel like a million bucks. Try to accentuate the feature or body part you love the best, whether that’s matching a turquoise top to your bright blue eyes, creating an hourglass figure with a waist-cinching belt, or showing off slender ankles in a pair of cropped jeans.


Every woman sees her engagement photoshoot as trial run to her actual wedding day. It is a great day to check out the dos, the don’ts and the maybes. Trying a new look from head to toe is highly encouraged. Before your session, go shopping for some fabulous outfits. If not for increasing your closet, then do it to get inspiration for your wedding color theme. There are so many colors out there and it is really hard to settle for one or two colors to make a signature statement during the photoshoot and eventual wedding. Color is everything. Chose an attire that will compliment each other.

Check out these colors look wonderful on the beach. Light pink, light blue, light green, aqua, lavender, cream, ivory, red, white, light grey. Long flowy dresses and skirts in these shades look wonderful against the wind and the beach.

It gives a siren- like look and harmony with nature because of their softness and calming give off. If your lean towards deserts and forests, strong earthy tones work wonders for the overall picture: orange, blue, grey, green, red, black, white. Don’t be afraid to rock a solid bold color that flatter your body type. Remember that bold solid colors sometimes overwhelm the natural you. It takes away from your beautifully made up face and the love in your eyes. Bring a couple of outfits that you can change into. Layer up and peel off layers as you switch up outfits. This will save you changing time, will spare make up from being smudged and from messing up your hair. A long dress for a red carpet look can easily make way for a cocktail look is a good way to roll. For my ethnic clients, a traditional outfit is a must do for most of you which makes three outfits. But again, if you feel all these is not for you, no problem. I will work with you and the one wow outfit you bring. It’s all about you and what you want.

In all these, make sure to select outfits that flatter your body. Every woman has the bombshell side or angle she wants to emphasize and other areas she is more conscious about. You know the saying the camera adds 10lbs? Believe it. Consider wearing a long sleeve or three quarter sleeve to make you attain that slimming effect on your arms. You can always add a jacket or cardigan to your outfit to achieve the slimming effect. Keep in mind that a maxi dress flatters your midsection and pulls away attention from your middle zone. If this is not a concern for you, carry on in your strap less or thin strapped dress form fitting outfit. 

How about some heels? I am sure you will want your feet feel the love especially in some fabulous heels. I mean heels give your legs those extra inches that make them look like forever in engagement photos. If you will be wearing a peep-toe shoes, sling back shoes or sandals, you may want pack up a pair of flats so your shoot can go on with ease easy and in absolute comfort. As we will be walking from one location to another to get a perfect shot, flats are a huge relief form those killer statement heels. Don’t forget to pamper your hands and feet with a manicure and pedicure. You will want your feet to look stunning in a sling back heel or peep toe shoes. I bet you will want the attention on your engagement ring with an excellent pedicure to complement it. Needless to say a frame of just your soft pampered hands adorned with your engagement ring is a must from an engagement photoshoot.

Ladies, you all know the focus is on the you and your engagement ring. Pack up some accessories that can bring some bling to your different outfits. Belts, bracelets, stud earrings or loops, pearls, gold, or silver, don’t forget, it is all about you. Even an extra inch of eye lashes. If you know your way around a makeup kit, excellent! If you need help and pointers, there are tons of YouTube videos for you to start experimenting before the shoot. If time is of essence of you, solicit the help of a professional stylist and makeup artists. This will give you a confidence boost for your engagement photoshoot. Confidence is the best accessory.

For the Gentlemen

It takes two to tangle. Let’s not forget our grooms-to-be. Usually all the hassle about outfits, theme colors, makeup and hair usually revolves around the chosen Her. Let’s address the gentleman. Coordinating is everything in an engagement photoshoot. Men do not like taking photos but the more gorgeous both of you appear, will give him the patience to hangout and have fun with you, the lady during the entire shoot. The more comfortably dressed he appears, the more he exerts confidence and and takes control during the shoot.

His looks should complement her looks. The color palettes, patterns should be well coordinated to give your photoshoot that picture perfect ambience we are going for.  It is entirely up to the couple to either be an identical match to your partner, or match each other with colors of the same hue. Not trying to be favor one gender over the other but, it’s usually easier to pick his color and outfit after she has figured hers. It’s considered a fashion faux-pas to have more than one pattern in a single picture. So if her dress has a pattern, it becomes easier to select one of the colors of her pattern and create an outfit for him. 

He can conveniently go from a formal attire to a casual outfit by wearing a dress jacket with a pocket square that matches her dress in one scene, taking off the dress jacket, staying in his waistcoat and folding the sleeves in another. Most guys will prefer to appear in a Sportcoat over a jean, or dress pant.

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