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One of the greatest photos that most couples will look back to is their engagement photos. These photos come handy at almost every stage in a couple’s life. Engagement photos are useful for all sorts of reasons, from the practical to the sentimental. They are widely used in wedding communications, such as your wedding website and save the dates; you can use the experience to get comfortable with your wedding photographer and practice posing together in front of the camera; or you could simply frame your favorite shot to rest on your mantle for years to come to establish how far the two of you have come. It is entirely up to the couple to decide whether an engagement session is needed or not but it highly recommended. 

Fashion is a statement of choice. You can dial it up as high as you want or can tone it down as low as you want. The main point is being you! Let the real you shine through your pictures. Let my shutter capture the best in and around you. I will give you a few pointers that can help capture the love and ambience that surrounds something as exciting as an engagement photoshoot.