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About me

Temus Photography

Photography to me is a form of artistic expression. I have always had a passion for photography as a kid and fascinated with taking pictures. This passion has grown over the years and has become one of my most expressive activity, as well as a medium where I choose to share my unique vision of the world. I consider photography to be “ the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” This quote inspires me daily.


I am a photographer with a difference because it’s a passion out of my career.  I am my biggest critic, yet I take pride in my work. I strive for that next perfect shot to be a masterpiece. A picture is not always perfect and every photo is usually not a masterpiece. Like other photographers, I am always interested in new technology.  Throughout the years, my love for photography has taken off to broader horizons. The best pictures I have taken are when my audience is not ready but it has a story. It's like telling a story from a different perspective, capturing the heart of the moment and recording that moment as one single event.


As time passes by, I learn to think more freely, I strive to push my creative boundaries and view things from a different perspective. However, I cannot create your event but I want to capture the moments in your events.

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